gSchool, Here I Come

So I am quite excited to announce that I will be attending @gSchool here in Boulder Starting March 3rd. I had been speaking with Mike, the head instructor for gSchool, for a bit before the school was announced. I really liked his views on software engineering and the process of learning. He hopes to apply the agile method of software development to the education model, which seems appropriate(he works for Pivotal Labs.) I like the idea of node.js, the platform RefactorU runs on, but I was more interested in diving deeply into software engineering, something that seems more doable in 6 months compared to 10 weeks.

It will be challenging for sure, but I enjoy a well structured learning environment, with the time and space to devote the time that is needed. I hope to use this blog to showcase projects we work on, reviews of material we learn, and general comments and reflections. So if you are curious what a developer bootcamp looks like, specifically gSchool, then stay tuned here.

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