Up on Heroku!

After much hair-pulling and eye-watering, I was finally able to get my Middleman site onto GitHub and deployed on to Heroku. Getting my first repository up on gitHub was pretty easy. The GitHub tutorials taught me the basics, so now I can commit things no problem (I will leave pulling and forking for another day)

Getting things to Heroku was a bit more difficult. There were two different recipies I found online to get Middleman static sites on Heroku. The first instructions I followed didn't seem to work properly. I was able to commit to Heroku, but I got nothing but errors. The second set of instructions seemed to do the trick.

Then I had to point my domain name to Heroku which took another few days. I always had to wait 24 hours to make sure the servers were recycled before I could see if it worked or not. I think I got it figured out on the 3rd try… not sure what I did differently, but it is working!

Now I have to actually design this thing so it looks nice! Pardon the random changes that may be occurring in the next few weeks.

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