Less than a Month

So we are less than a month out from the start of gSchool. I have been busy going over tutorials while reading some books on counting, programming, and thinking. I will give a recap on those in the next post or two, since I just wanted to get a quick post up tonight.

I am getting excited for sure, and my current work with Tsadra is clearly coming to a close. I just met the person who may be replacing me, and I think it would be a good fit. He has some non-profit experience and an interest in the world of digital archiving. I have learned a lot in my two years there, and am sure he could too. I hope to continue in some fashion with Tsadra in the future. I have many ideas for projects I hope to accomplish with my newly aquired skills and I look forward to beginning them.

I am slowly getting the design of this site to where I want it to be for the beginning of school. I want this to be a reflection of my studies there, including links to the projects we will be working on and thoughts on the process of programming. I am used to being a student, as I only recently finished grad school and two years abroad diving into a foreign language, but I am intrigued by this bootcamp in many ways. More on that in the future.

I hope to have less rambling in the future. Instead, I hope to have some solid reflection on my experiences, overviews of our lessons, and some presentations on our projects. But for now, to those few who may be reading this, please indulge my ramling for a little while longer.

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