The Story So Far

It is hard to believe we are almost half-way though the Boulder gSchool program, where we have been diving into full web-stack application development. Even more astonishing is that we have touched almost all of the main components of application development, now fully able to create live, functioning, business-value-adding features for the world to use.

What a long strange trip it's been.

Robert Hunter

We started with Ruby basics, which we have been building on from day 1, learning the ins-and-outs of Ruby's unique mix of object-oriented and functional programming. We then started in with Sinatra, a light-weight application framework letting us create functioning websites connecting to databases and user authentication systems.

The most recent addition was API connections with Rails, Ruby's defacto web-application framework that powers some of the world's largest and most used websites. This is real-world folks… the sky is the limit from here on out. We have the tools and only need to become more intimately familiar with them, fine-tuning their usages to our needs, or more accurately our users' needs. The only addition we have yet to cover is the web's ubiquitous usage of Javascript, enabling even more interactivity and modern-touches to web applications.

It is an exciting time for sure. We have started our own personal projects and are about to start some very large-scale group projects helping us to become familiar with group development dynamics and more modern web development techniques and ideas. The Boulder Startup Week is also starting this week, where we will have the opportunity to meet with the local startup and tech culture where will be very likely working in the near future.

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