Things Are Getting Real

We are approaching the final lap here at gSchool. Two months left to go before we are released into the wild, and I feel like the program just started! We have been covering quite a bit though, and it has been a while since I have covered what we are doing, so I will give a recap of what we ahve been doing.

We started some group projects about a month ago and continue to work on and rotate through them, learning things as we go. We have been doing lots of CRUDding of course among many other basic app features like user authentication, subscription modeling, friendships and the like. We implemented Action Mailer for password resets, image uploaders integrated with Amazon S3, and Stripe integration for a newsletter subscription. The list of things are endless, but as budding developers, we know this is commonplace. We are in this because at some level we love learning and want to continue to do so. I think we picked the right job.

The fun hasn't stopped there! We also learned about serving APIs, creating a small app that did just that. The biggest news though was about the addition of JavaScript to our arsenal. We have been learning the power of jQuery as well, using it to help us build a single page app using our crud teqchniques without reloading the page. This is the real world folks… single page javascript apps, creating and consuming APIs, authorizing users, charging credit cards… you know, doing stuff…

My personal project is well underway, and I have been integrating some of our new found knowledge like javascript ajax functionality. It has been a fun ride with my amazing cohort, and I am glad we have two more months left to go.

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