Where did the time go?

I can hardly believe we are approaching the end of our time together here at gSchool. I barely remember week one, it seems so long ago. We are out there applying and interviewing with jobs, working on multiple personal projects and trying to get a little bit of life enjoyment out thereā€¦ it has been a beautiful summer.

I have been all over the place in recent weeks. I built a small web API server in Go, which was my first foray into a language of that caliber. I was pretty happy with my time spent there. It is a fun language to write in, with some cool functionality I had never seen before. You can check out my repo on GitHub.

I also wrote a small client side app in Angular that hits that API. Angular is something I would like to dive more into, especially as most jobs out there seem to be moving to the client side JavaScript framework model. I would be happy to learn Backbone as well, but Angular seems to be a popular choice to use in conjunction with Rails. I hope to convert my Tibetan Dictionary app to a back-end API with an Angular front-end eventually, but it is not a main focus at this time.

I was also finally able to implement a JavaScript version of Conway's Game of Life. That was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to working on it more honing my refactoring and JS skills.

Hopefully the next time I write, I will have a new employer. I have had a couple of interviews at some great places, so time will tell what is in my future.

Be sure to checkout my GitHub repo for current coding samples. Next post perhaps I will give an overview of my Tibetan Dictionary App, which I hope to release as beta in the near future.

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